With everything that has happened in 2020, the work sector has changed drastically. Companies affected during the lockdown are now trying to make a comeback as well as the people who lost their jobs. This puts the unemployment level on a whole new scale and introduces a strong competitiveness in the job search area.
This is why anyone looking find a job nowadays must understand that job search is more than just applying for a job opening and hoping for an interview. It is more about utilizing strategies in this today’s economy to attain the best jobs in the workforce.
Try these job hunting tips to prepare yourself and secure your place in the workforce in the coming year.

Prisdav Consulting has handled many recruitments for major companies and in all the years of scanning CVs, one thing stands out. Many applicants are generic when it comes to their CVs and Cover Letters. Some do not even send cover letters and that is a mistake.
Resumes can easily get outdated especially when you haven’t looked for a job for a while. Dust your resume, remove outdated information that won’t serve you especially when you are moving up the corporate ladder to senior roles in the office.
Also as you apply to variant positions, you might want to tailor your resume to each; this simple act can increase or decrease your chances of getting an interview.
No matter how good your resumé is, it won’t matter if it doesn’t get opened because your introductory email wasn’t good enough.
What is an introductory email? An introductory email is a message sent to someone you have never met with information about who you are. To receive a response, an introduction email needs to capture the attention and engage the interest of its recipient.
Introductory emails in this case help convince the recruiter to open your resumé. It might even impress them enough to consider you for the job even without viewing your resumé.
Use job search engines to find jobs by using keywords to narrow your search and find jobs that match your interests.
Also filter jobs by location to find the ones nearest to you. You wouldn’t want to get a job that requires you to spend huge amounts of cash to relocate or to transport yourself to your workplace.
Since the lockdown, the world has discovered the usefulness of networking and has thrived on the axis of it.
It is important to build relationships with everyone you know and maintain those relationships in the long run.
Another way to connect with others is to join Facebook groups, Telegram groups, LinkedIn groups, WhatsApp groups and so on where job openings are listed regularly. This way you can connect with more than a thousand people.
Also attend career-oriented conferences and seminars to find more people to connect with.
5) Google Rankings:
Aspire to rank well on Google. Create a profile on LinkedIn and also other professional sites and endeavor to put your name in the URL.
This way when recruiters look up your name, your profiles typically rank high and will give the impression that you are a professional & interesting candidate.
Whether recruiters look you up on the internet or you have your image attached to your resumé; always make sure your image has a professional vibe to it.
They say a picture can speak a thousand words; an image can say a lot about you before you are even called for an interview.
For instance, an image can present the impression that you are confident, disciplined and ready to take on anything. While another in which you are probably smiling can present you as jovial, fun to work with and brilliant!
Don’t just wait for hiring managers to call you back, prepare yourself by interviewing yourself. Research questions you may be asked and come up with intelligent answers to them.
This also works vice-versa. Prepare important questions to ask your interviewer. Questions like if the company offers work-life balance, health benefits, parental leave etc..
Before applying for the job, do your research. Does this company have a good reputation? Will this company provide access to professional trainings and more certifications? Would there be space to grow in your career or is there a possibility that you will be stuck in the same position for years?
It is very important to send thank you notes after the interview and to also follow up the right way. This will help a lot especially if the hiring manager has a hard time choosing who to hire.
If you’ve found these tips helpful, kindly share and leave us a comment. We would love to know your thoughts!

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