Training Soluitions

Bespoke Training

At PrisDav Consulting Limited our major goal is to help or provide our clients with services/solutions that fit their needs. Our Bespoke or Customised training course content is usually designed specifically to target a handful of subjects and skills.

These subjects and skills are usually more relevant to one area of business. They are designed to help employee or an individual get training on a specific area which will help them progress in their job and future. This saves them the time of going on a course that will contain more generic information about the business which will give the information that you may to adapt to your business or field of work.

Our Action Plan Activities: This includes: Learning theories, instructional design, content, materials and any other training elements. Resources and training delivery methods should also be detailed. While developing the program, the level of training and participants’ learning styles need to also be considered.

PrisDav Consulting Limited works with knowledge and skills upgrade specialists who are professionals in their chosen fields. We are able to deploy any of our facilitators as and when necessary to suit our client needs.