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Human Resources Outsourcing

Human resource management is an issue for all employers, irrespective of size or specialization. PrisDav Consulting can be your partner to ensure that matters related to your most important asset-your people are being addressed in timely and effective manner.

PrisDav Consulting can help you through our HR Outsourcing services. There are two options available for you:

  • HR Process outsourcing
  • People Outsourcing.

You can choose to outsource your entire HR activity from Recruitment, HR Administration and Payroll through to performance management and advisory services. Alternatively, we can tailor-make our offering specifically to your needs including the following services:

  1. Recruitment, assessment and selection;
  2. Learning and Development, (L&D)
  3. Payroll and benefit administration;
  4. Administration of the whole employment lifecycle e.g. employment contract development, onboarding, exit interviews;
  5. Performance management;
  6. Rewards and benefits;
  7. Meeting the employment legislation requirements; and
  8. HR Policy Development.

Our HR outsourcing team will consider your requirements and expectations, and come up with a proposed action plan. We will provide you with service/solutions that fit your needs. With PrisDav Consulting HR outsourcing, you will benefit from our experience and know-how, delivered to you from our office or directly on your premises.

At PrisDav Consulting we will help take away some of your business tasks that can easily be managed by an independent entity, making life easier for you as business owners. And most of the time, as well as being able to pass on these tasks to capable hands, while you save cost, against hiring someone locally to do the same job – sometimes as much as 60%!

Our Service helps take off a large amount of responsibility and attention that might fall on the shoulders of management or professionals which can be used for more important and broader issues within the company.