Having analyzed hundreds of CVs whilst shortlisting some for interview invites, we have noticed a common trend that disqualifies applicants.

We believe many don’t know that this act affects their chances of getting employed; this is why we have decided to make our findings known.

In the experience section of a CV, recruiters look for certain key elements and if they don’t find it, chances are that the applicant doesn’t get shortlisted.

What are these key elements?


This is what recruiters don’t want to see in your experience section:

• Having worked in job sectors that have no alignment with the job you applied for. #zeroconsistency

• Having worked in the same position for the same company for a long number of years. #nogrowth

• Jumping from one company to another in less than a year. #zeroconsistency

• Not attaining other certifications in addition to your educational portfolio #stuckatB.Sc

Try as much as possible to have an aligning career path that shows steady growth. Stick to one or two professional niches. Hiring managers want to see someone who has amassed adequate knowledge and experience in their professional field and has grown to fill higher positions than when they started.

When a recruiter sees that you are consistent in your professional experience, you are automatically a shoo-in for an interview.

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