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Target Setting And Performance Appraisal Processes

Corporate goals, objectives and strategies end up by determining the success or otherwise of the organization. This course is to equip managers with the requisite skills and knowledge to set achievable targets for the overall success of the organization.

Knowledge Development Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a system of output control for their organization
  • Select output performance standards
  • Apply appropriate principles to set challenging targets; and
  • Clarify job objectives f subordinates
  • Evaluate the performance of the individual, the department and the organization.
Course Content
  • Management by objectives (MBO)
  • Setting job objectives
  • Principles of target setting
  • Work measures and standards
  • Determination of key result areas (KRAs)
  • Process of target setting
  • Component of Target Setting
  • Performance appraisal.
  • Rewards Structure
Who Should Attend

Personnel and Administrative Officers and Manager.