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Superior Performance In Secretaries And Personal Assistants

The role of Secretaries and Personal Assistants in the economy has changed dramatically in recent times. Now more than ever before, Secretaries and Personal Assistants play significant roles in contributing to the success of their bosses and the organization as a whole. Organizations are now expecting much more from the Secretaries and Personal Assistants and are keen to maximize the skills of the top performers. But becoming a top performer is not easy. Secretaries and Personal Assistants have to invest significant time and energy to develop and hone their professional skills to the highest level.

The role of a PA and executive secretary is crucial in supporting and guiding key individuals within an organization. They have the responsibility for organizing, coordinating and managing both the practical aspects of the office, and also, perhaps more importantly, the “people issues”. This calls for an ability to manage others with tact and diplomacy – whilst retaining focus on the vital objectives of the boss and organization.
This practical and enjoyable three-day intensive course will give Secretaries and Personal Assistants the essential tools to enable them to successfully manage their workload, the executive and everyone else in the team.

This course is specifically designed for Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries who would like to be more proactive in supporting their boss and enhancing their contribution to their organization. The course will ensure that they prove invaluable to the organization, and will help them manage multiple responsibilities more effectively and efficiently.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of this three day intensive and high impact workshop participants will:

  • Become better communicators and will learn practical strategies for building rapport and relationships throughout the organization
  • Learn to project a confident and professional image – even when under
  • Learn how to prioritize effectively and manage the multiple demands on their time
  • Learn how to maximize the contribution they make to the success of their bosses and departments
  • Learn how to manage the boss more effectively
  • Learn how they can support their bosses in ensuring they achieve their business objectives
  • Learn how to raise their profile and visibility within the organization so that they are recognized and rewarded for the valuable contribution they make
  • Gain an insight into the psychology of human beings
  • Develop the ability to influence and persuade others
  • Understand how individuals interact with each other and how to make sure that those interactions create the best possible effect
  • Develop new skills in making their point more assertively, enabling them to handle effectively all types of individuals at all levels throughout the organization
  • Discover how to support and develop their own role and that of their boss and colleagues
Course Content

Module 1: Identifying the Skills to be an Exceptional Secretary and Personal Assistant

Module 2: Critical Actions for Career Distinction

Module 3: Time Management Techniques for Busy Secretaries / Personal Assistants

Module 4: Handling Work Pressures with Confidence

Module 5: How to Manage the Boss Effectively

Module 6: Projecting a Professional and Confident Image

Module 7: Building Relationships through Effective Communication

Module 8: Maximizing Your Role within Meetings

Who Should Attend

All Secretaries and Personal Assistants in Public and Private Institutions.