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Superior Performance In Administrative Staff

Administrative management work is primarily concerned with providing, securing or negotiating for the resources or services needed to manage and run an organization. It involves direct assistance to the Manager with the primary responsibility for the direction of an organization or unit established to accomplish a basic goal or mission.

An administrative officer aids the operating manager and subordinate operating officials in getting things done through his/her knowledge of and skills in dealing with organization, methods, funds, people, equipment, and other tools or resources of management. Ordinarily, he/she has a responsible role in the management of both financial and human resources because of his/her immediate relationship to the operating manager. He/she generally does key work in several other vital functions or services such as management analysis, procurement, contract administration, property management, space management, security administration, reports management, data processing, and similar or closely related activities.

This knowledge development programme is designed to challenge Administrative Officers to drop all self limiting beliefs and attitudes that impede excellence in the work place and teach them critical skills to effectively perform their duties to achieve the goals of the unit and the organization.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This programme is specially designed to:

  • Help participants recognize and eliminate obstructive career misconceptions.
  • Offer practical techniques, tools and strategies for overcoming the hindrances to personal effectiveness and career excellence.
  • Help participants identify skills to help them manage their time better for productive outcomes.
  • Help participants identify time wasters and provide them with tools for dealing with them.
  • Teach participants basic negotiation and persuasion skills to enable them perform their tasks better.
  • Teach participants how to win with excellent customer relations.
  • Teach participants interpersonal skills to enable them relate well with staff and customers.
Course Content
  • Personal Effectiveness in Administrative Officers
  • Developing the right work attitude and habits
  • Developing personal vision, mission and values
  • Aligning personal vision with organization’s vision
  • Critical dynamic actions for career excellence
  • Effective Time, Task and Paper Management
  • Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Winning With Excellent Customer Relations
  • Basic Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
  • Duties of Administrative Officers
Who Should Attend

All Administrative staff in public and private institutions.