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Superior Customer Care And Service Delivery

Great customer service determines our fate. Whether a company succeeds or fails depends on its level of customer service. Providing excellent service means treating each person you come in contact with everyday, while at work like a guest. The principles and theories behind customer service excellence are:

Customers have choices of other service providers who offer similar products or services and your competitors, are continually enticing your customers away from you.

Front-line staff, their supervisors and managers, have a crucial influence on the choices customers make and ultimately on the success of your business.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This programme is specially designed to:

  • Help participants recognize and manage the customer’s heightened expectations and demands.
  • Help participants recognize the need to acquire skills for building trust and maintaining productive customer relationships.
  • Show participants how to measure customer satisfaction; especially against service levels of competitors
  • Advance the customer care and service delivery skills of participants.
  • Identify major barriers to service excellence and clearly identify powerful indispensable strategies for winning and retaining customers.
  • Provide guidance to participants on how to maintain professionalism under pressure and project the right image.
  • Guide participants to develop strategies for handling different types of customers.
  • Help participants understand the need to build customer loyalty.
  • Guide participants towards developing client relationship from a business development perspective.
Course Content
  • Customer Care and Service Delivery Toolkits.
  • Practices of Exceptional Services.
  • Strategies and Tactics for Improving Customer Service.
  • Effective Communication Skills for Service Excellence.
  • Maintaining Superior Customer Care Service during Periods of Peak Demand.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Time As A Factor In Service Delivery
  • Dealing with difficult customer situation
Who Should Attend

All professionals who have direct or indirect interface with internal and external customers.