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Strategic Thinking, Planning And Innovation

The future is full of opportunities, but it takes strategic thinkers and actors to make the future exciting and productive. In today’s fast-changing business environment, both managers and individual contributors alike need a broad perspective, vision, and awareness of the trends and developments shaping their world. Many managers are so focused on delivering today’s business results and preoccupied with day-to-day tactics that they fail to prepare for long-term success within their areas.

This Strategic Thinking Workshop is designed to help leaders and individual contributors find the balance between meeting today’s expectations and requirements, while keeping an eye on future opportunities, issues, and concerns that may affect business results tomorrow. The workshop is a highly interactive learning experience based on the practical Applied Strategic Thinking Model and Tools. It offers rich learning exercises and will provide practical skill development.

These principles and skills are designed to help managers successfully capitalize on the forces and events that are shaping their environment.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This programme is designed to help participants learn how to:

  • Recognize those specific opportunities, strategic issues and targets which align with their company’s strengths.
  • Focus their company’s most significant opportunities.
  • Build on those strengths to best employ available resources.
  • Evaluate alternative strategies … and select those which focus on the company’s most significant opportunities.
  • Utilize strategic planning for increasing employee motivation.
  • Redirect managerial attention from tasks to opportunities.
  • Build commitment among team members.
Course Content

Session 1: Strategic Thinking
Session 2: Applied Strategic Planning
Session 3: Strategic Planning Case Exercise
Session 4: Visual thinking and mission formulation
Session 5: Gap analysis and contingency planning

Who Should Attend

Executives, Managers and leaders who want to improve their abilities to think strategically on their own; and for managers who require a quick, simple and logical approach to create a strategic plan for their organization.