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Personal Effectiveness For Superior Performance In Workplace

Many organizations face the challenge of developing greater confidence, initiative, solutions-finding, and problem-solving capabilities among their people, especially among young professionals.

In a dynamic and challenging business operating environment like Nigeria, organizations need staff at all levels to be more self-sufficient, resourceful, creative and autonomous. This self-motivated professional can operate at higher strategic levels, which makes their organizations more productive and competitive. People’s efforts produce bigger results. It’s what all organizations strive to achieve.

This is a unique attitudinal empowerment programme that will challenge every participant to drop all self limiting beliefs and attitudes that impede excellence in the work place.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This programme is specially designed to:

  • Help participants recognize and eliminate obstructive career misconceptions.
  • Offer practical techniques, tools and strategies for overcoming the hindrances to personal effectiveness and career excellence.
  • Help participants identify skills to help them manage their time better for productive outcomes.
  • Help participants identify time wasters and provide them with tools for dealing with them.
Course Content
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Developing the right attitude and habits
  • Choosing mentors
  • Developing personal vision, mission and values
  • Aligning personal vision with organization’s vision
  • Critical dynamic actions for career excellence
  • Effective Time, Task and Paper Management
  • Effective Communication and interpersonal Skills
  • Winning With Customer Relations
  • Basic Negotiation, Persuasion and Networking Skills
  • Guide participants to communicate with greater impact and improve their written communication skills.
  • Provide participants with the skills for creating a positively memorable service experience for the customer.
  • Help participants develop negotiation, persuasion and effective networking skills.
Who Should Attend

This programme would be useful for entry level staff that needs to be equipped with the basic skills needed to excel in the workplace.