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Operations Management

Operations Management, the managing of productive resources in the manufacturing and service sectors, has not only been a key element in the improvement of business productivity in Nigeria and around the world, but also in providing values that customers require. Operations Management entails the design and control of systems responsible for the productive use of raw materials, human resources, equipment, and facilities in the development of commercial and consumer products and high customer contact services.

This course utilizes a set of operations management skills and tools that will assist managers to enable their companies to develop a competitive advantage in commercial environments that encompass global markets and competition, electronic business (e-business), and supply chain management. Operations Management will benefit individuals directly involved in producing products or providing customer services for domestic or global markets. The course also offers best practices for the management of the operations function in organizations.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This knowledge development programme is designed to:

  • Update and enhance participants’ skills in decision making and cost – benefit analysis in relation to operations management.
  • Assist participants to understand how to apply management principles in solving production problems.
  • Enable participants bring about continuous improvements in operations management.
  • To expose participants to the design of production systems for optimum productivity.
  • Enable participants imbibe best practices in operations management.
Course Content
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Operations Management
  • Operations, Operations Management and Operations’ Managers
  • Process Design and Documentation
  • The Transformation Model of Operation.
  • Facility layout in Operations.
  • Work process versus People Process
  • Capacity Planning and Control
  • Demand Forecasting and Management
  • Process Improvements and Quality management.
  • Inventory Planning and Control
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Operations improvements and TQM.
  • Materials Requirement Planning
Who Should Attend

Operations Line Managers, Engineering Managers associated with Operations Management.