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Networking Skills For Business Development Executives

Business has always relied on effective interaction between people to generate opportunities. However, meeting new people can be daunting and it can seem very pushy to ask for a business card, a referral or a deal. In networking situations, it is important that professionals maximize the moment and leverage on setting the stage to get powerful business results.

PrisDav Consulting Networking skills training equips participants with a step-by-step guide to create and capitalize on those opportunities to increase the quality and value of each contact made.

Knowledge Development Objectives

Participants will learn about using their individual style to communicate with people, how to put themselves and others at ease, explore boundaries, which will include joining and leaving groups.

This practical and activity driven skill and knowledge development programme is designed to:

  • Provide participants with the insight and skills to be more effective networkers.
  • Provide greater understanding of the dynamics of communication specific to networking
  • Help people become more confident and assured
  • Enable people to sell themselves and promote their company
  • Give people improved influencing skills especially with people who are experts and in positions of authority
Course Content
  • Fundamental rules of Networking
  • Planning for Networking
  • Subtleties of Networking Success and Networking Etiquette.
  • Meeting and Greeting people
  • How to a approach and introduce yourself Stranger
  • Crediting effecting and Lasting great impression
  • 30 Second Influencer: Selling yourself and company in 30 seconds
  • The R.I.S.K. factor in Networking
  • Dealing with Status
  • Strategies to joining and leaving groups
Who Should Attend

Marketing/Sales Professionals, Business Development Executives and any other staff involved with making contacts, prospecting and business development.