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Managing The Training And Development Function

In the present economic situation all cost areas, specially training budgets remain under attack, though all organizations need talented people who are motivated to achieve and deliver. Training and mentoring has an important role to take here, because they are an excellent way of developing both skills and particularly a positive attitude towards work. Successful training professionals recognize that their role requires high levels of skill and thus they should continue to equip themselves with the right tools to face the challenges they confront today.

This course is designed to ensure the training function becomes an integral part of every organization. It will help you assess your current position and provide answer to your following questions too:

When is training truly required?

  1. Is training a mere activity or an ongoing process?
  2. Whose responsibility is it anyways? Management? Manager? Trainee? Trainer?
  3. Is training & learning one and the same?
  4. Is Training ROI a dead dream or a living nightmare?
  5. Will it always remain a lone crusade?

Find out answers to these and many other questions when we meet to get our basics right on how to give an organization the most important resource, the most fundamental and vital survival kit as we go through  the journey from training to learning and beyond.

Knowledge Development Objectives
  • Understand the role of the training function
  • Define the critical environment essential for a successful training function to perform
  • Formulate training objectives in relation to the organization’s business strategy
  • Plan and conduct a systematic training needs analysis exercise
  • Determine training versus non-training needs
  • Transfer the training plan into operational reality
  • Develop strategies for marketing and promoting   the training functions
  • Develop a system for monitoring trainings
  • Evaluate your training effectiveness
Course Content

Module I: Role of Training and Development

Module II: Planning for the Training Functions

Module III: Organizing the Training Functions

Module IV: Marketing the Training Function

Module V: Controlling the Training Function

Who Should Attend

Senior Human Resources professionals