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Managing An Effective Sales Force

Can your sales managers talk to the lowest-performing member of your sales team about the status of a prospective sale and walk away knowing:

  1. Exactly where they are within a defined sales process?
  2. Precisely what needs to happen next in order to move the prospect forward?
  3. What tools or help you can provide your sales staff to help close the sale faster and more successfully?

At the heart of every winning team stands a top-performing network of coaches and leaders.  In sales organizations, such networks are made up of well-trained, skilled sales management professionals.

PrisDav Consulting Managing an Effective Sales Force programme is designed to provide sales managers with the tools and training they need to manage and coach their teams to peak effectiveness — helping them achieve and sustain the ‘A-Game’ level performance required to excel in any economy.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of this knowledge development programme, participants would have gained the following:

  • Practical, proven method for sales management success, with metrics to manage
  • Redefine for the sales team what to do with their time and why
  • Best practices and methods that top sales managers implement for success
  • New time management techniques for them to do the most important things.
  • Ability to hold salespeople more accountable for behaviors and results.
  • Ability to recruit, select, train and develop more peak performing salespeople.
  • The best way to coach when every salesperson and circumstance may be different.
  • Ability to be more effective at energizing the sales team
  • Time management techniques for better work/life balance.
  • Return to work with a 90-day action plan for greater personal and team results.
Course Content

Module One – Leadership Awareness

Module Two – Sales Performance Management

Module Three – Maximizing Return on Effort

Module Four – Performance Coaching

Module Five – Communication & Retention

    • Tactical Map for Action Planning
    • Next level sales leadership effectiveness is the ability to integrate and sustain new management behaviors in your existing culture.
    • Installing Go Forward Commitments
    • Tactical Mapping: 100 Day Perspective
Who Should Attend

All sales/Business Development Managers who desire to lead a highly effective sales force.