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Intermediate Credit Analysis

Banks are into the business of making money towards improving the wealth of all stakeholders. This is achieved mostly through loans and advances.

However, the volatility of most credits leading to incidences of bad and irrecoverable debts exposes banks to credit risks. This programme is designed for intermediate credit officers and analysts to deepen their knowledge and skills on credit analysis.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This practical programme is designed to help participants:

  • Appreciate the importance of the credit in banking activities
  • Have a better understanding of the current state of the credit markets
  • Discuss the various factors that drive credit quality
  • Understand the relationship between qualitative and quantitative aspects of a credit analysis
  • Compare peer performance
  • Recognize off-balance sheet risks and quantify them
  • Understand credits appraisal tools
  • Understand early warning signals
Course Content

Day One

  1. Introduction
  2. Bank Credit Products
  3. Loan Requests And Repayment Sources

Day Two

  1. Credit Evaluation Strategies
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Cash Flow Analysis
  4. Early Warning Signs

Day Three

  1. Forecasting and Production Analysis
  2. Credit Remediation
  3. Risk Management
  4. Credit Proposal
Who Should Attend

Account Officers, Risk Officers, Relationship Managers, Auditors/Internal Control Officers.