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Global Best Practices In Managing The Procurement Function

Procurement is the key strategic element to measure supplier performance and to manage the organization’s supplier relationships; employ best practices and monitor market trends; and to research and keep up with emerging technologies. Organizations are beginning to recognize the value-added benefits that trained procurement staff can bring to their organization, just like any other profession they employ.

Employers now recognize and appreciate the need for more competent procurement professionals in order for them to be able to ‘operationalize’ the organization’s mission and vision, and to drive added value into the resulting goods and services.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This programme is specially designed to help participants:

  • Learn about Economics at a macro and micro level and how these dynamics influence procurement and supply chain management
  • Acquire a “tool kit” consisting of key foundations and principles to be taken back to their offices/companies
  • Better administer the procurement process to meet expected objectives of donors and stakeholders
  • Have clarity on issues about procurement and be able to articulate it to their colleagues and inculcate them into their organizational strategic frameworks to leverage additional benefits.
  • Learn that procurement is not about cheapest price – but best value and conversely highest value contribution to their organizations.
  • Gain complete understanding of the Nigerian Procurement Act and align their function to comply with its provisions
  • Understand what is happening in the global picture of procurement.
  • Assess and determine where they and their organizations are in terms of world-class procurement function.
  • Perform gap analysis for their organization and put in place the necessary remedial plans to bring about the necessary change.
  • Be able to empower procurement teams so that their skills are properly utilized for organizational benefit.
  • Understand and apply quality standards both in negotiation and procurement of service.
Course Content
  • Critical Underpinnings of Effective Procurement Practice
  • Implementing the 7 Critical Components of an Organizational Procurement Strategy
  • Conduct Strategic Sourcing and Ensure that you Build Sound Relationships with the Preferred Supplier
  • Developing your best strategy and determining how to establish sound partnerships with best vendors
  • Identifying and Adopting Essential Skills and Criterion to Select and Accredit Suitable Vendors
  • Accurately Structure your Bid Management in order to ensure that you select the correct supplier
  • Applying Advanced Negotiation Skills in order to Ensure the Most Beneficial Results in Your Procurement Process.
  • Acquire Best Practices in Designing Your Contracts in order to ensure that your agreements are watertight.
  • Investigating Global Sourcing as a vital facet of Procurement.
Who Should Attend

Purchasing/Procurement Managers/Officers, Buyers, Accountants and all Personnel involved in Purchasing/Procurement Activities.