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Global Best Practices For Turning Environmental
Sustainability Into Competitive Business Advantage

As the reduction of the Earth’s natural resources continues, organizations will face increased risk and cost; as access to a primary business need becomes constrained, impacting both  profitability and competitive advantage. Many organizations have already embarked on environmental programmes to demonstrate their commitment to climate change and to meet the growing raft of environmental regulations.

To mitigate such vulnerabilities, organizations need to ensure they have a sustainable operating model that takes into account the risks associated with future supply issues surrounding the world’s natural resources both at a local and global level, so they can prevent business disruption at individual sites.

As the link between the environment and competitive advantage is becoming more widely recognized, the concept of environmental sustainability and competitiveness needs to be embedded in every area of business operations — from its supply chain and sales operation to facilities management and the IT infrastructure — to deliver maximum results. Hence, an increased profit and edge in the competitive business world.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Environmental Sustainability
  • Differentiate between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Sustainability projects
  • Constantly anticipate and initiate greening projects that will enhance profitability from the capital market.
  • Understand Eco-competitiveness
  • Maximize returns for new initiatives
  • Leverage Project and Portfolio Management best practices
  • Make the most of available resources
  • Influence stakeholders both internal and external
  • Attract external investments
  • Achieve incremental sustainability success through processes, people and technology.
Course Content
  • The role of Environmental Sustainability in our competitive business world.
  • Managing uncertainty in supply
  • Creating a sustainable and competitive business
  • Understanding Environmental Leadership and Management
  • Evaluating the ‘Brand factor’
  • Developing accurate and accessible environmental metrics
  • Exploring  new ideas for increased ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Unlocking  greater  business value and potentials
  • Removing complexity  from  carbon emissions tracking
  • Integrated reporting on sustainability reporting
  • Maximizing the returns for new initiatives through innovations
  • Corporate Information sharing across the globe
  • Enhanced Visibility of  Spend  and Success
Who Should Attend

Senior Managers/Executives, Consultants and Analysts in the Oil, Telecom, I.T. Manufacturing and Banking Sector and even those in Real Estates. Any professional that needs to improve his/her business prowess.