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Front Office Customer Relations Skills

Several phone lines are ringing, lights on the phone are blinking, coworkers are asking questions, and here comes a customer or client. How does the person manning the front desk of a Hotel handle several people simultaneously with professionalism and poise?

This fast-paced knowledge development programme is specifically designed to answer this and other important questions for those who work as a Hotel’s first-impression representative at the front desk. In addition to learning the elements of effective verbal and visual communication, participants will find out how to expertly satisfy even the most demanding, difficult people without jeopardizing their health or safety.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the components of a professional image.
  • Identify personal habits and behaviors that impede projection of a professional image.
  • Understand that their work space is an extension of themselves and should reflect a professional image as well.
  • Explain the connection between a professional image and exceptional customer service.
  • Manage telephone communication with clarity, accuracy, and courtesy.
  • Improve verbal communication with those they meet face to face.
  • Interpret visual language of others to determine how best to communicate with them effectively.
  • Demonstrate improvement in their listening skills.
  • Minimize interruptions caused by customers and coworkers in a tactful yet determined way.
  • Implement strategies for dealing politely and successfully with discourteous, demanding, or dissatisfied customers/clients.
  • Explain precautionary steps they should take in emergency situations that might compromise the safety of everyone in the workplace.
  • Reduce stress and ward off “burnout” by practicing simple exercises they can do at home as well as at work.
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve both their image and their customer service skills.
Course Content

The following outline highlights some of the course’s key learning points.

Session 1: Best Foot Forward: Features of a Profession Image.

Session 2: One Step Back: What will ruin the image.

Session 3: Making Connections: Image and Customer Service

Session 4: Whose Line is it Anyway? Taking and Making Calls Like a Professional.

Session 5: Winning with Words: Verbal Communication Skills

Session 6: Beyond Words: What the Body Says

Session 7: Grace Under Pressure: Handling Difficult People With Diplomacy and Tact

Session 8: Stress Reduction: Steps to Regaining Enthusiasm and Keeping Burnout at Bay

Session 9: Beyond the Moment: Plans for Tomorrow

Who Should Attend

All front office Officers/Receptionists who interfaces with customers.