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Essential Selling And Marketing Skills

Selling products and services, particularly for inexperienced staff in a dynamic and volatile environment like Nigeria presents challenges:

  1. How do you maintain a steady flow of business from new and existing customers?
  2. How can you retain clients and increase your revenues when the competition is making concerted efforts to win your business?
  3. How can you differentiate yourself from your competition?
  4. How do you determine what to sell, and to whom?

Many sales professionals are busy trudging from place to place trying to make sales, with nothing to show for the resources utilized. Even if a sale is eventually made, it is done after lots of energy has been expended. The resultant effect is that there is little or nothing to show for their organization’s investments in business development activities.

This course is primarily designed to provide participants with the essential techniques and strategies to understand the sales process and how to overcome objections so that they can close more sales and exceed their targets.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of the knowledge development programme, participants would:

  • Be exposed to essential techniques and strategies to fully understand the sales process
  • Understand how to uncover specific needs of prospects and match the right products and services to them.
  • Identify how to prepare for sales calls and presentations such that sales are made.
  • Be able to identify techniques and strategies to overcome objections and close more sales.
  • Recognize the impact of attitude on selling
  • Be exposed to traits and habits of highly successful professionals so they can stand out in their chosen fields
  • Understand the various ways to show the customer how their offer excels above the competition
Course Content

Module 1: Dynamic Actions for Prospecting and Selling Excellence

Module 2: Effective Communication Skills for Selling Excellence

Module 3: Strategic and Tactical Underpinnings of High Impact Prospecting And Selling

Module 4: Dealing With Objections for Constructive Outcomes

Module 5: Maximizing the Value of Existing Customer Relationships

Module 6:  Retention-Strategies for retaining and winning back lost customers

Who Should Attend

Business Development Executives, Marketing/Sales Professionals.