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Developing Senior Management Capacity

In a dynamic and competitive business environment, every senior executive requires superior skills to manage every resource within the organization.

The course is specifically designed for those managers who are looking for a more realistic approach to the use of the full range of strategic management skills. It combines aspects of organizational and management theory, a pragmatic approach to the realities of day-to­day work life whilst also taking into account the factors affecting the organizations.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand and use strategic planning tools
  • Initiate a strategic planning process
  • Constantly anticipate and react speedily to changes within the organization.
  • Have a range of analytical tools at hand to help identify the cause of problems.
  • Develop appropriate strategies for greater personal, team and organizational effectiveness.
  • Have the ability to work with people to bring about improved efficiency.
Course Content
  • The Role of Strategic Planning And Management.
  • Initiating the Strategic Planning Process.
  • Clarifying and Implementing Organizational Mandates
  • Exploring The Role Of Leadership and Management
  • To Ensure Achievement Of Objectives.
  • Developing Business Plans; Monitoring And Evaluating For Results
  • Analyzing External And Internal Factors Driving
  • Change; Developing Readiness For Change
  • Analyzing The Current State Of The Organization,
  • Developing Appropriate Strategies For Change,
  • Managing Staff Through Change
  • Building and Managing Dynamic Teams
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Situational Leadership Styles
  • Ongoing Performance Management
  • Developing Greater Customer And Output Focus
  • Time Management, Priority Setting
Who Should Attend

The course is designed for senior executive who wish to enhance their abilities to plan and act more strategically, anticipate change and initiate successful change actions when and where necessary. The course also focuses on building dynamic and focused teams, improving organizational output through improved customer focus, and developing an enhanced understanding of personal accountability within teams.