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Delegation, Motivation And Coaching Skills

Effective Delegation, Motivation and Coaching Skills can enhance and accentuate management skills of managers and enable them to achieve optimum results through members of their teams.  This will in turn lead to greater achievements of organizational goals and objectives.

This knowledge development programme is designed for managers who are always overwhelmed with work which could have been done by competent employees under their portfolio.  Such managers do not achieve as much as their work demands because they have not learnt the art of effectively delegating tasks and monitoring to ensure a successful outcome.

Through this course, Participants will discover how to effectively delegate, motivate, monitor and coach their people for optimum success in the workplace.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Discover strategies to help them work more effectively with employees in a delegation situation.
  • Identify the benefits to be gained from effective delegation and monitoring
  • Know the common challenges to be encountered in delegation that will assist them to become effective delegators
  • Know how to identify confident and motivated employees
  • Discover how to become proficient in the art of delegation, motivation and coaching
  • Acquire skills in supervising, empowering and providing effective feedback in a monitored situation
  • Understand how to coach and deliver effective feedback to team members
  • Know how to assist team members in developing action plans in response to feedback
  • Discover how to encourage team members to achieve goals and objectives
  • Know how to hold team members accountable for action plans.
Course Content

Session One:

Motivation, Delegation and Coaching

  • Delegation Skills
  • Identify Skills used in the delegation of tasks
  • The Benefits of Delegating
  • The Impact of Delegation on Leaders, Employees and the Organization
  • Why leaders hesitate to delegate
  • Establishing measures of performance in delegation
  • Developing performance standards in delegation
  • Developing Your Delegating Style
  • Attitudes of an effective Delegator
  • Identify the value of understanding different components of delegation
  • Attributes of a Delegated Task
  • Identify the attributes of a delegated task
  • Deciding What Tasks to Delegate
  • Identify the characteristics of tasks that can be effectively delegated
  • Elements of a Delegated Task
  • Identify examples of the elements of a delegated task
  • Avoiding delegation mistakes
  • Uncovering causes for resistance to delegation
  • Demonstrating ways to overcome delegation resistance
  • Employing the Proper Motivation Techniques

Session Two:


  • The foundation of coaching
  • Assessing the team’s Readiness for Coaching and
  • Feedback
  • Accountability and support of action plans
  • Identifying and Recognizing performance gaps
  • Performance improvement/development plans
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Knowledge, Skills and value transfer
  • Removing barriers to performance
  • Success factors and competencies of an effective coach
  • On the job coaching
  • Building employee competence
  • Identifying and developing alternate skills of staff
Who Should Attend

Unit/Departmental Heads, Branch Managers, Team Leaders, etc.