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Contact Centre Management

Throughout the world, call centre’s, contact centre’s and customer service centre’s have rapidly become the customers’ preferred means of interacting with suppliers or service providers.  Forward thinking companies, service oriented organizations, utilities and local and national governments have been quick to realize that a well planned and implemented Customer Relationship Management programme supported by a customer service centre, call centre or contact centre will meet the clear demands of customers. 

In addition, these centres will also dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies, increase revenues and create a true centre of excellence for the organization’s Customer Service strategies.

This Contact Centre Management Programme focuses on focuses on comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to manage a small, midsize, new, or challenged center. Course content covers tactical management responsibilities, from the most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, coaching, maintaining morale, forecasting, scheduling, and using performance metrics; all the way through quality assurance, cost management, strategy, leadership and more.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will know how:

  • To assess the current state of their call centers
  • Key call center metrics and the relationship between key metrics
  • The scorecard approach for monitoring key metrics and reporting results to upper management
  • To create effective Service Level Agreements with customers
  • To create effective Operating Level Agreements with internal staff and groups
  • Best practices for use of contact center technologies
  • To create a business case to justify staffing needs to upper management
  • Best practices for forecasting call volume, call work load, and scheduling staff
  • To use formulas and workforce management tools to calculate the staffing needed to meet service levels commitments
  • To create a call center Standard Operating Procedures manual that includes best practices for call handling, documentation and customer service
  • To establish a training budget and training plans for new hire, mentoring, and on-going training
  • Guidelines for facilitating effective training meetings
  • Keys to building a successful motivation and retention plan
  • To establish quality monitoring requirements for the call center
  • To build monitoring forms
Course Content

Module 1 – Strategy and Assessment

Module 2 – Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Module 3 – Call Center Technology

Module 4 – Forecasting and Scheduling

Module 5 – Call Center Staffing

Module 6 – Training and Retention

Module 7 – Coaching and Communication

Module 8 – Quality Monitoring

Module 9 – Call Center Project Planning

Module 10 – Deliverables and Tools

Who Should Attend

For all Customer Contact/Call Centre Managers.