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Channel And Category Management Course

Our ultimate goal is continuous customer patronage and to become: the preferred brand; the market leader; the top of the line; and the first recalled. Since 1985, category management redefined the retails outlets existence from selling to marketing. It became an important partner to its suppliers, where cohesive plan orgasms were devised and implemented based on the basic pillars of marketing: product, price, promotion, place and adding a new aspect-people.

To undertake this task vigorously, the roles of the retails officers and the suppliers, category captains (for each category or brand) must be discussed, cohesively outlined, and documented. This course will explain this key element as rules and mandates are designed to assure acceptance and compliance by both parties.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of this course participants should be able to;

  • Develop a company and territory sales strategy and channel plan
  • Identify and target high potential distributors, resellers, and third party sales organizations
  • Quickly develop rapport and trust
  • Discover new techniques for gaining distributor commitment and mind share
  • Craft sales programs unique to each distributor
  • Present a winning business case for long-term partnerships
  • Learn how to manage distributor sales reps via arm’s length sales management techniques
  • Discover methods to helping distributor’s reps on sales calls, proposals and closes.
  • Boost success rates via distributor training, coaching, and sales meeting participation
  • Turn around lackluster performer
Course Content
  • Creating and winning business plan
  • Distributor sales strategies
  • Qualification and targeting
  • Creating the distributor capture plan
  • Executing the distributor capture plan
  • Gaining distributor trust & rapport
  • Presenting the program; partners in profit
  • Creating the distributor agreement and business plan
  • Clinching the distributors sale
  • Mastering Arm’s length sales management
  • Distributor training & coaching
Who Should Attend

Sales people, who design, implement and manage marketing channels, Departments head at head office and in particular those responsible for marketing and sales, distributions, production, IT, back office functions, human resources, and outlet manager.