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Basic Credit Analysis

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the different analytical tools needed to assess a company or specific set of financial transactions. The course focuses on the practical application of these tools through the use of group exercises and case studies.

Delegates are also encouraged to bring with them a set of business accounts to use as their personal evaluation project during the course.

Knowledge Development Objectives

By the end of the programme participants would have:

  • Acquired a systematic approach to the assessment and presentation of corporate risk.
  • Developed their understanding of the more complex credit analysis techniques and their place within corporate lending.
  • Enhanced their knowledge of cash flow analysis and sensitivity analysis.
  • Identified some of the common problems encountered by corporate and learned about competitive positioning, industry analysis and business risk techniques.
  • Sharpened their knowledge in identifying a company’s financial needs/workout issues and developed appropriate solutions.
Course Content
  • Basic Accounting
  • Introduction to Credit Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • The Income and Equity Statement
  • The Cash Flow Statement
  • Understanding the principles of credit risk and its management
  • Understanding the pillars of lending
  • Lending Rationale
  • Financial and non-financial Risk Analysis
  • Evaluating borrowing customers
  • Basic techniques for assessing the borrowing needs of an obligor
  • Basic loan structuring and management techniques
  • Techniques for articulating a Credit Approval Memorandum (CAM)
  • Security and legal issues in lending
Who Should Attend

Account Officers, Auditors/Internal Control Officers.