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Accounting For Non Accountants

Accounting is a regular feature in daily existence and business operations. Accounting in its basic form, consists of the recording of transactions in a purposeful manner. Professionals encounter accounting problems in the course of their work. The ability to interpret accounting information by professionals becomes very imperative if such professionals are to make vital decisions necessary for the survival of their businesses.

Knowledge Development Objectives

This programme has been designed to address the key issues in Basic Accounting. At the end of the programme, non accounting professionals would have gained the following:

  • Fundamental Knowledge of Accounting Information
  • Ability to understand and Interpret Financial Statements
  • Make analytical decisions based on accounting information
Course Content
  • The Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Understanding Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Profit and Loss Statement
  • Understanding Cash Flow Statements
  • Understanding Consolidation
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
Who Should Attend

Professionals who wish to learn how interpret and use accounting information to make vital decisions necessary for the survival of their businesses/organizations.