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Procurement, Contract Management And Effective Negotiations

Achieving organizational objectives from the supply market requires a sound approach to procurement and effective use of negotiation skills. Being able to effectively negotiate in the course of procurement and bidding for contract help to bring about cost reduction and enhances effective utilization of funds. Strategic procurement, contract management and negotiation are vital aspects of businesses that can significantly enhance organizational performance.

This comprehensive training course is designed to enable staff/buyers involved in procurement and contract management learn sound techniques and strategies that will enable them reduce cost and effectively utilize funds.

Knowledge Development Objectives

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the importance of strategic procurement and supply chain management
  • Build and deliver against a detailed strategic procurement framework
  • Set a baseline for procurement and profile the supply market
  • Effectively select, monitor, measure and manage suppliers
  • Achieve significant improvements in cost reduction and effectively utilize funds
  • Establish and maintain sound business relationship with suppliers and organizations
Course Content

Day One

  1. Introduction to Procurement
  2. Procurement Management Techniques/Methods/Types
  3. Procurement Management Procedures
  4. Law of Procurement Management
  5. Procurement Cycle/Process
  6. Baselining the Procurement Process

Day Two

  1. Procurement Business Process Management
  2. Procurement Financial Management
  3. Procurement Risk Management
  4. Procurement Stakeholders Management
  5. Procurement Management Technological Development
  6. Procurement Performance Management

Day Three

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. The Roles of Buyers in Supply Chain
  3. Profiling the Supply Market
  4. Supply Base Transition
  5. Supplier Relationship Management
  6. Contract Management
  7. Contract Life-Cycle
  8. Bid and Tender Analysis
  9. Effective Negotiation in Procurement and its importance
  10. Overcoming Barriers to Effective Negotiation in Procurement
Who Should Attend

Procurement Mangers/Officers, Supplier Managers/Officers, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Consultants/Buyers, Finance Managers/Officers, Anyone who is responsible for and involved in Supply Relationships or that will be involved in Supply Management in the future.